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You’d already know from the website, but I’m Mukund Madhav. I graduated on the pandemic year, 2020 and since then have been working as a Full Stack Software Engineer – mainly focused on React Js and Spring (Java).

For about 1-1.5 years I did pure frontend work in React. After that till present I’m doing a mix of frontend and backend and am loving it. Lately I’m super invested in expanding my knowledge on backend technology and in all the nitty gritty of backend stuff. 💻

What do I love to do?

Mukund Madhav photo
At Komic in Spiti -> 15,500 ft 🤩

Except breaking production and coding on Friday evenings (JK 🤣) I absolute love two other things:

  • Travel: Like every other person born in the 21st century, I absolutely love to travel. I enjoy going new places and seeing life from a different lens. (Hoping someday will cure my introvert-ness 😜) Let’s connect on Instagram to make up a travel plan and never follow through 📸: Mukund’s IG
  • Reading: I love reading books (mostly fiction). Basically, I love stories and since bingeing movies all weekends tends to narrow down the list of unwatched movies, there’s always a book I have never read. Would love to connect with you on my Goodreads.

Now that you’re one of few people who have read this till the end, let’s catch up on Twitter:

Have a wonderful day 🍻