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How To Stay Motivated To Do Anything

Finding motivation to do something is tough. It’s even difficult to initiate something than keep on doing it. 

Many would argue it’s Inertia, a law in physics that states objects tend to stay in their state they presently are. Productivity is straightforward. Once you have progress rolling in, productivity follows. But, how do you get it rolling?

It’s harder to start. How do you take a leap from not doing anything to begin doing something?

And, even so, how can you continue taking that leap every day, for every task you do. 

Why we don’t begin doing them is because it’s not easy. We don’t want to break from our habit. But let’s stop and think for a second. Is this really what you want?. You want to begin. You want to put your plan into action.

Motivation to put plans into motion doesn’t come easy. It is driven by. But, over time I’ve found some “hacks” that help attain the motivation to instate anything!

Rediscover Your Purpose

Something as simple as that can have a huge impact. Rediscovering your purpose simply means think why are you doing what you are doing. You don’t want to do something because the sole purpose of doing that is to do tasks in between.

Mukund Madhav : Focus

You don’t want to write a book, just for the sake of writing. You want others to see and view the book you wrote. You want the profit you’ll get after your hard work.

Focus on that goal. If you can really focus on the end result and you having it, the joy from the result will be your driving force.

The end-focus if the only motivation that will last long. Minor motivation is temporary. Excitement will lead to endurance.

Take Mini Leaps

The second step is to take the smallest action.

Sounds Obvious? Right? But, do you actually follow?  Break down your entire task and pick the smallest task and do it. I’ve often talked out the importance of how little things have a big impact. Regardless of how small the action is, make it done.

stay motivated by smallest things

Suppose, you want to write a blog. What will the smallest task? Open Google docs? Do that.

The smallest task does not matter how meager it may seem. Once done, you can keep pushing yourself. Smallest things will push you to do the larger things.

The pressure is what will keep you going on.

Fixing To-Do’s

I didn’t do it and I regret it to this day. Start maintaining a to-do or a calendar.

Your calendar works like your mother. She keeps providing you with instructions and you tend to follow it because you know it will be helpful.

maintaing calendar is key to motivation

Take some time and plan ahead. Pre-planning helps a great deal. It allows you to plan your life and keep motivated. You will follow your calendar because you know you put it there because the task means something to you.

So, take a break and set up your calendar.

Create Your Rites

Do it every day. Force yourself. You won’t like to skip bingeing Stranger Things and start doing it, but force yourself. Make it your habit.
“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
– M.K. Gandhi

Habits will become your trigger. Doing something daily no matter how monotonous it may seem will tend to become your custom. And, over time you will start doing it without the need of daily impulses.

Have The Courage To Fail

motivation tip have courage to fail

Finally, have the courage to fail. Industrialists like Richard Sudek have often explained about this. It’s simple but quite hard in reality. 

No matter how much preparation you are. No matter how much you are ready to forget it. Failure will disappoint you. You are never prepared for a failure. You don’t want your accomplishments flushed down in a single press.

But, being prepared for learning from failure will set you apart. Consistency to never be inconsistent will drive you onwards.

 Life isn’t easy. I wish I could be rich. I wish I didn’t have any problems. But, I have them. Everyone has them.

No one is always happy, no one can stay always motivated. We lapse, remember. We differ, we deviate.

Never forget stepping out of comfort zone is not convenient.

Never let anxiety overtake your motivation. Acknowledge your endurance and keep making your leap.

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